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Conconde provides a wide range of consulting, legal advice and copyrights protection.
We cooperate with lawyers from 17 countries, including all major EU countries and Norway.
Through our activities you will ensure comprehensive development and security of your company.

About Us

Conconde Company

Our company offers a wide range of legal and advisory services. Business intelligence is an important element of our activities; analysis of the credibility of business partners, searching for threats for foreign investment or searching for hidden assets of debtors. We also deal in trade in copyrights and violations of these rights with particular emphasis on the Internet, providing services for musicians, photographers, image banks and media companies. We also offer legal assistance in creating companies, construction of agreements/regulations or claiming damages. Debt recovery, both amicable and through court proceedings, is a complement to our business. We work with lawyers from 17 countries around the world, including all major EU countries and Norway.

A lot of these industries are having difficulty finding reliable workers with the skills they require.

- Jerry Rubin